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See [examples/example_dkim.js]( for a complete example.
-**NB!** Be careful when using services like Gmail, SES etc. through SMTP
-(SES API is handled by Nodemailer automatically) - these tend to modify some
-headers like Message-Id or Date which invalidates the signature. In this case use
-`headerFieldNames` property to define only fields that won't be changed and leave
-out `Date` or any other unsupported field.
### Well known services for SMTP
If you want to use a well known service as the SMTP host, you do not need
@@ -418,6 +412,19 @@ var smtpTransport = nodemailer.createTransport("SMTP",{
+Actually, if you are authenticatinw with an e-mail address that has a domain name
+like or etc., then you don't even need to provide the service name,
+it is detected automatically.
+var smtpTransport = nodemailer.createTransport("SMTP",{
+ auth: {
+ user: "", // service is detected from the username
+ pass: "userpass"
+ }
## E-mail message fields
The following are the possible fields of an e-mail message:

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