CSS stylings lost when adding embedded image #99

cjohnson415 opened this Issue Aug 30, 2012 · 1 comment

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Here's the diff:

  • }
  • },
  • attachments: [{
  • filename: 'singly-logo_300.png',
  • filePath: '../static/images/',
  • cid: 'unique@node.ee'
  •  }]
  •  <img id="logo" src="https://singly.com/images/singly-logo_300.png"/>

When I change to using an embedded image all the styling is lost. I checked the file path (tried a view variants).

nodemailer member

I'm not sure if thats a Nodemailer issue as Nodemailer does not touch any stylings of the e-mail. Maybe the client that shows the message somehow messes something up, when embedded images are used.

@andris9 andris9 closed this Sep 1, 2012
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