The ultimate enum for AS3
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closed: programmer may neither add nor remove values at run time

generic: an enumerated type should not be required to extend any particular base class,
	nor should its constructor be required to have any particular parameter types

extensible: ability to define a derived enumerated type each of whose values IS-A parent enumerated type

orderable: programmer should be able to specify an ordering on the set if desired. There shall
	be no implicit ordering based on the order of declaration.

iterable: programmer should be able to iterate over the values of the type
	or over the union of the values of more than one type (derived or not),
	in the order (if any) that the programmer has specified

comparable: comparison operators > >= < <= should work by comparing the ordering of the enumerated values

non-exclusive: programmer should be able to declare other public static members of the class that are not
	included in the set of enumerated values, for example a default value referring to one of the enumerated

serializable:  ability to write an enum value to a stream and read back the identical value object


The enumerated type corresponding to an enumClass consists of the static consts of the enumClass
that are of type enumClass and are tagged with [Enum].  The Enum tag allows an optional integer parameter named "ordinal".

The class must be registered with the call Enumeration.registerClass(classObject) before any of the enum operations are used. Typically, the class itself will call Enumeration.registerClass() as a static initializer, with itself as argument; for example a class MyEnum should call Enumeration.registerClass(MyEnum).  See the example enum classes in the examples folder under src_test.

You can download the compiled swc to link into your projects, or build from source.  If you build from source, be sure to use the compiler flag keep-as3-metadata+=Enum in your library (or main program, if you build Ultimate Enum directly into it) to preserve the [Enum] tags in your enumerated classes.