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How To Submit A Proposal

Speaker proposals are handled through Github pull requests. Follow the instructions below to submit a talk:

  • Create a Github account if you don't have one already
  • Fork this repository
  • Create and commit a .MD file in this directory named after the talk title and your name. For example, if your talk is called "Intro To Node.js" and your name is John Doe, name the file
  • When you're ready, submit a pull request
  • Wait patiently and nicely for us to contact you. We will respond to everyone who submits a proposal even if it's just to say "Thanks but no thanks".

What should be in the proposal?

Every proposal should have, at minimum, the following information:

  • Your Name
  • Your Availability (what days/times you are able to do this presentation)
  • Presentation Title
  • Presentation Description
  • Presentation Duration (in minutes/hours/days)

To make this easier, I've created a template you can copy and modify. See in this directory.


If you'd like to add in a personal bio or other details like links to your blog, open source projects, company, or what have you, that's completely up to you. Whatever floats your boat. Bios are nice! :)

Related Artifacts

If you have any other artifacts that relate to your presentation, like slide decks, code samples, videos, etc, make a directory named the same as your and put the files in there. For example, if my proposal was saved in ~/proposals/, place the example code in ~/proposals/intro-to-nodejs_john-doe/example-code.js

Contact Info

Also, please make sure we have a way to contact you! Many Github accounts have an e-mail address on them, but you might not have that set up in your profile. If we accept your talk, we'll need to let you know.

What are we looking for?

We're looking for anything related to JavaScript, not limited to just Node.js. It can be Node.js, UX Flow & UI Magic, JavaScript Practices, Patterns or how to fly a spaceship with JavaScript or build a giant robot run by Node.js or something. It's all possible, with the core idea of JavaScript driven technology.

This year the conference will have two tracks, one of which is software focused, and the other hardware focused. We'd love some proposals for hands-on hardware projects that engage the audience in building and coding for hardware devices. The same holds true for software topics; the more interactive the better.

We're also open to suggestions for unconference topics & especially hardware hacking. This isn't an "experts only" situation. For example, suppose you really want to hack and talk about Arduinos but don't have a presentation, maybe just some questions or experiences to share? We can set aside a 30 minute block of time where we just dedicate a room to that topic. Anyone can show up who wants to discuss the topic. We're flexible!

We're looking forward to hearing about your awesome ideas!


The NodePDX Crew

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