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Add a talk submission on functional reactive programming.

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    Add intro to FRP talk.

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+An Introduction to Functional Reactive Programming
+* Speaker : Christopher Meiklejohn
+* Available : Any
+* Length : 45 mins
+There is no doubt that todays web applications continue to grow in
+adoption, replacing their desktop counterparts in all areas of
+computation. Essential to their growth is their ability to provide
+near-native performance and rich user experiences. As these applications
+grow in essential complexity, they also grow in accidental complexity
+due to the imperative callback processing style found in most web
+applications. The asynchronous nature of most of these applications also
+further compounds the issues due to guarantees around message ordering,
+and a level of indirection required in callbacks handling events.
+Functional reactive programming is one approach for mitigating
+accidental complexity, using a declarative and composable data-flow
+model. During this talk, we'll look at the history of functional
+reactive programming, some JavaScript implementations of FRP, and
+finally some ClojureScript implementations of FRP and examples on how to
+get started with using functional reactive programming.
+Speaker Bio
+Christopher Meiklejohn is a Software Engineer with Basho Technologies,
+Inc. where he focuses on building rich web applications for Riak using
+Erlang and JavaScript. Before joining Basho, he worked at Swipely, a
+loyalty program startup based in Providence where he maintained critical
+infrastructure components written in Ruby. Christopher currently serves
+as one of the maintainers of
+* Company:
+* Github:
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