A .png to pico-8 converter tool
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pic2pico. A simple tool that converts pico-8 palette ready .png images to native p8-format (not sprites), that you can load images as code into pico-8. 2016, m.wisniowski, http://www.nodepond.com


This is a script written in Ruby. It requires the 'chunky_png'-gem (http://chunkypng.com). To install this gem, it should be enough to just install by typing the following command into the terminal:

[sudo] gem install chunky_png

How to run

Run the example and spill the pico-8 lua-code into the terminal. Copy and paste this code into pico-8 an enjoy watching the picture.

ruby pic2pico.rb

...same with loading a custom image

ruby pic2pico.rb "$PATH_TO/my_img.png"

Append the generated code automatically to an existing.p8 file:

ruby pic2pico.rb "$PATH_TO/my_img.png" >> program.p8