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Bugsnag πŸ›

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Reporting errors to Bugsnag.

πŸ“¦ Installation

Installing CStack

Bugsnag uses Stacked (which depends on CStack) in order to provide unified stack traces across macOS and Linux. For this to work, there's some installation to be done on the machine running the project. See the Stacked repo for more information, but here's a short copy/pasta:

macOS and Homebrew

Currently the CStack library can be installed through the Vapor tap (by running brew install cstack). If that doesn't work for some reason or Vapor decides to remove the library from their tap, it can be installed through the Nodes tap by following these steps:

First add the tap:

brew tap nodes-vapor/homebrew-tap

And next, install the library by running:

brew install cstack

Linux and APT

To install CStack on Linux using APT, you first need to setup the Vapor APT repository. The guide for this can be found here. After that, CStack can be installed by doing:

apt-get update

And then:

apt-get install cstack

Integrating Bugsnag in your project

Update your Package.swift file.

.Package(url: "https://github.com/nodes-vapor/bugsnag.git", majorVersion: 2)

Exporting symbols for the stracktraces

Unfortunately, we're not able to specify the needed flags for running any project wanting stacktraces through SPM, since it uses a limited set of whitelisted flags. Because of that, you would need to manually add these flags when building your project:

-Xlinker --export-dynamic

Getting started πŸš€

Create a bugsnag.json configuration file with your Bugsnag credentials and configuration.

    "apiKey": "my-bugsnag-key",
  	"endpoint": "https://notify.bugsnag.com",
    "notifyReleaseStages": [
    "filters": [
    "stackTraceSize": 100

See the configuration section for an explanation of the different options.

Automatic reporting

This package comes with a middleware that will automatically report any thrown errors to bugsnag. For best error data, please make sure that the errors being thrown conform to Vapor's AbortError type.

To setup the middleware, then first make sure to import the package (in e.g. Config+Setup.swift):

import Bugsnag

Next, add the middleware:

addConfigurable(middleware: Bugsnag.Middleware.init, name: "bugsnag")

Don't forget to add the middleware to your droplet.json config as well.

Manual reporting

Sometimes it's convenient to report errors silently without letting the client know. For this, the Bugsnag package comes with functionality to manually report errors.

First, you'll have to make sure to import the package as desribed above (in Automatic reporting), then you need to add the Bugsnag provider:

try addProvider(Bugsnag.Provider.self)

You're now able to get a reference to a Reporter through the Droplet. You can then use this Reporter to manually report errors:

myDroplet.bugsnag?.report(error: Abort.badRequest, request: myRequest)

Consider injecting the reporter into the controllers that might need it instead of passing around the Droplet. There's also an option to pass in a completion block if you want to get notified when the submission has completed.


Remember that when using Vapor's AbortError type, you can pass in some metadata on your error which will also be reported to Bugsnag. This is convenient if you want to include information that can help you debug a specific error.

Abort.init(.internalServerError, metadata: ["userId": 1337], reason: "User failed to login.")

Configurations πŸ”§

Key Example value Required Description
apiKey 23487897ADIUHASIUDH3247 Yes Bugsnag API key for reporting errors.
endpoint https://notify.bugsnag.com Yes The endpoint to hit when reporting errors.
notifyReleaseStages ["staging", "production"] No The environments in which errors should be reported. Environments not in the list will not report errors.
filters ["password", "repeatPassword"] No Keys to filter out from a requests url-, query-, form and JSON parameters.
stackTraceSize 100 No The default size of the stacktrace to report together with the error. This value can be overruled when reporting errors manually.

πŸ† Credits

This package is developed and maintained by the Vapor team at Nodes. The package owner for this project is Steffen.

πŸ“„ License

This package is open-sourced software licensed under the MIT license