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Send push notifications with Urban Airship for Vapor.

📦 Installation

Install package using SPM

Update your Package.swift file.

Swift 3

.Package(url: "https://github.com/nodes-vapor/push-urban-airship.git", majorVersion: 2)

Swift 4

.package(url: "https://github.com/nodes-vapor/push-urban-airship.git", .upToNextMajor(from: "2.0.1"))
targets: [
        name: "App",
        dependencies: [


Create config file uapusher.json with following syntax

    "applicationGroups": {
        "defaultGroup": {
            "development": {
                "appKey": "yyyy",
                "masterSecret": "yyyy"
            "staging": {
                "appKey": "yyyy",
                "masterSecret": "yyyy"

You can define multiple apps like in the example. Else just delete one of groups.

Getting started 🚀

Set up the provider:

import UAPusher

try config.addProvider(UAPusher.Provider.self)

Simple example

let body = try JSON(node: [
    "audience": "all",
    "device_types": [
    "notification": [
        "alert": "hello world"
let request = UARequest(body: body)

do {
    let response = try drop.uapusher?.send(request: request)
    if response.status == .accepted {
        print("Push sent..")
} catch UAError.response(let uaResponse) {
    // let response = uaResponse.response[0]

The above example will send a text push notification with the message hello world to all users on the ios platform.

Chain your payload

This package offers a way to easily customize the different segments of the payload sent to Urban Airship, using the UABuilder class.

let payload: JSON = try UABuilder()
    .add(Notification(.alert(value:"this is a test")))
let request: UARequest = UARequest(body: payload)

You can also provide all segments in a list

let payload: JSON = try UABuilder().add([
    Notification(.alert(value:"this is a test"))
let request: UARequest = UARequest(body: payload)

The above examples will define a text push notification with the message this is a test to all users.

UABuilder currently lets you set audience, campaigns, device_type, ìn_app, message and notification. Method overloads allow you to set the payload segments directly using custom JSON or using a preset value. For more information see the Urban Airship documentation about the push object or check out the full api documentation.

🏆 Credits

This package is developed and maintained by the Vapor team at Nodes. The package owner for this project is Rasmus.

📄 License

This package is open-sourced software licensed under the MIT license.