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How to support emojis (utf8mb4)

A little background

On MySQL, the max key length is 767 bytes. We need pay attention to all the keys on the database that are based specially on the VARCHAR type.

For example:

  • utf8, each character is 3 bytes. So a varchar(255) = 255 * 3 = 765 bytes (OK, under the limit).

  • utf8mb4, each character is 4 bytes. So a varchar(255) = 255 * 4 = 1020 bytes (NOT OK)

While running a migration you won’t see MySQL 5.7 complaining about this, and everything will be created as you would expect. Except for the keys that break the limit. (MySQL fails that silently?)


2 options may be considered:

  • Option 1: Do you really need 255 characters on that column?

    A good example of this is the PHP nodes/backend package. We have backend_roles table with the column slug varchar(255) and a reference to this column on the backend_users table, on the column user_role varchar(255). Do we really need a role slug to be 255 characters? We can reduce it to 191 characters and everything would be ok (191 * 4 = 764 bytes).

    This would represent a slug like this: 35qh8PXbQeYxtfv5k3ZtaZChucgHm4GuWSFCum80oa4JQYBSFfEqn9ffEK378MIbmhVpGbhpVnLx5mk9MlLfVK05f3yrydwVBddMKoecA4rzFiaqWcrzrgf2yCH8GnmbEqC4Dk7ZZkVV7VEci32n0X1DqtmhDluuOjwkPrIxXeYsbotvgtkZ1bW6SEp0leB

    Enough? :)

  • Option2: We really need 255 characters!

    If we really need all 255 characters, we can consider using this innodb setting:

How to enable utf8mb4 support on Vapor?

If your project is deployed to Vapor Cloud, then utf8mb4 will be the default encoding on VARCHAR fields.