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Angular Book Store

An extension of Code School course on Angular.js. This was made as my first foray into Angular, and after following the course I changed it from a gem store to a book store showcasing my favorite books. Instead of using all local data to display the books, I switched to using $http.get() to make an AJAX call to Google Books to pull data from there, because why host more data than you need to, ya know? I also added a new product tab that describes my experience with the book and why it's one of my favorites.


You can see the site live at

You can also download the files here, but some features require a server to be running. If you have node and npm installed, you can run npm install http-server -g. Then run the http-server command inside the app folder and you should be able to see the application running at

You can edit the original version on your browser on plunkr.


Frameworks & Techniques

  • Angular.js
  • Google Books API
  • Templating
  • Bootstrap