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Intro to WebGL

The Intro to WebGL NodeSchool workshop provides an introduction to WebGL via the three.js node module. This workshop is different from the other NodeSchool workshops in that there is no validation of the problems. You are still given exercises to complete, but you validate them yourself, visually.


Install the introtowebgl workshop:

$ npm install -g introtowebgl

Launch the workshop

To launch the introtowebgl workshop, enter the command:

$ introtowebgl

You can then select the first problem to work through.

Run the web application

Since this workshop covers WebGL, you'll need to run the code provided via a web browser. The creator of the introtowebgl workshop provided some assets which can be used to complete the exercises.

Change directories to introtowebgl/assets

Change directories to the location of the assets directory within the introtowebgl module:

$ cd introtowebgl/assets

Finding the introtowebgl module

If you are unsure where you've installed the introtowebgl module, you can simply install it to your current directory by issuing the command:

$ npm install introtowebgl

Then change directories locally to:

$ cd node_modules/introtowebgl/assets

Start the web app

There are multiple ways of running static files. One node module which allows us to do this is the node-static module. If you'd like to use this module, install it via the command:

$ npm install -g node-static

Then from the assets/<app name> directory (for instance, assets/BoilerplateApp), issue the command:

$ static

To view the page, browse to

Code Away!

Make you're way through the workshop an exercise at a time. Please ask someone if you get stuck. Good luck and have fun!