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Stream Adventure

The Stream Adventure NodeSchool workshop provides an overview of Node's Stream API.


Be sure you've gone through the initial setup found on the Austin NodeSchool website, including installing Node, and making sure npm is available from the command line.

Install the stream-adventure workshop:

$ npm install -g stream-adventure

Start the Workshop

To start up the workshop, issue the following command from the terminal:

$ stream-adventure

Select the first exercise from the list, BEEP BOOP, and hit enter to see the instructions for this problem.

Solve the Exercise

Once you've understood what needs to be accomplished, open a file with your favorite editor, add the solution to it, and save it as program.js.

Now, from the command line you can run or verify your solution. To run the program and see what the output looks like, issue the following command:

$ stream-adventure run program.js

Once you're satisfied with the output, verify the solution:

$ stream-adventure verify program.js

The workshop will pass or fail your solution based on if it performs the actions correctly as explained in the exercise. If it passes, congratulations!! You can now proceed on to the next problem.

Code Away!

Make you're way through the workshop an exercise at a time. Please ask someone if you get stuck, and/or contact Austin NodeSchool if you need help outside of an event. Good luck and have fun!