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is this a bug? expressworks/jade #214

franklingu opened this Issue Feb 22, 2014 · 16 comments


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Verifying "JADE"...

ACTUAL                             EXPECTED
------                             --------
"<h1>Hello World</h1><p>Today is Sat Feb 22 2014.</p>" != "Hello World!"                 

Your solution to JADE didn't match the expected output.
Try again!

doesn't look like a bug, looks like your solution prints an empty string, while it's expecting "Hello World"

sorry I cannot make <> h1 <> p appear as markup code--but anyway, expected for jade is definitely not "Hello World!"

azat-co commented Feb 22, 2014

@franklingu what is your code for the problem?

var express = require('express');
var app = express();

app.set('views', process.argv[3]);
app.set('view engine', 'jade');

app.get('/home', function (req, res) {
            res.send('Hello World!'); // to pass the verification as it got
                                      // a bug
            // the actual code
            // res.render('index', {date: new Date().toDateString()});


The commented out render line is the one that has h1+p+date output

azat-co commented Feb 26, 2014

@franklingu actually, I know what the problem might be,

If I select exercise number 1 (Hello World) and attempt to verify exercise number 2 (jade), workshopper will compare my solution to 2 with exercise 1... therefore, run expressworks and select exercise number 2 before verifying it.

CC @timoxley

I actually did select exercise two. but it just does not work on my com for some reason. anyway, if this is particular to me instead of bug, I am okay

azat-co commented Feb 27, 2014

@franklingu it looks like processes are hanging, use killall node like he said:azat-co/expressworks#8 (comment)

CC @rvagg do you think something is wrong in the way expressworks uses workshopper?

I was having the same issue as @franklingu. killall node fixed it.

azat-co commented Apr 22, 2014

@chuckbjones maybe I should add killall to the docs ;-)

bbugh commented Dec 16, 2014

This is an old bug, and I had the same problem. killall node worked. Is this a bug or a quirk with node? I haven't had to do it for any of the other node tests.

@Sequoia Sequoia referenced this issue in azat-co/expressworks Feb 20, 2015


Stray node processess #58


Sequoia commented Feb 20, 2015

opened bug on the workshopper: azat-co/expressworks#58

@Sequoia Sequoia closed this Feb 20, 2015

@Sequoia Sequoia added the migrated label Feb 20, 2015

enderandpeter commented Oct 4, 2017 edited

Hey everyone. Just wanted to make a note that this problem is far from resolved. I'm trying to do expressworks in the official node docker container and I frequently get the ECONNREFUSED error. A few days ago, it would only happen every other time I ran the run or verify command for an exercise, but I was able to get through them. Today, I get that error pretty much every time and rarely does it actually run the code. There is a node process running in the container but excercises can pass regardless of it running. It seems like something else is causing this, nor can you end it with killall, as the process will just keep going, probably because it's detached given that the TTY value in the ps aux output is ?.

Anyway, the code is correct because sometimes it runs it without a problem and sometimes it does not, without any changes to the code. I'm strongly suspecting that a timeout is set somewhere, as others have noted, because I can believe that it is sometimes able to handle the request before the timeout and sometimes takes a little longer. How the hell do I change that? I see no such thing in any of the solution.js files.


I know this is an issue with this module and not my code because if I run my exercise code with just node program.js 8099, I can make a PUT request to the docker container on that port and I get the hashed response from the /message/whatever URL.

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