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NodeSchool Vancouver 🇨🇦

NodeSchool is a series of open source workshoppers that teach web software skills.

NodeSchool meetups like NodeSchoolYVR provide a space for people to do the workshoppers on their own or with others. The workshopper tutorials are used as the course curriculum, while mentors are here to help attendees work through challenges. Learn more here.

Join our meetups 💻

RSVP to our scheduled events on Feel free to come 15 minutes early and help set up!

If you're a sponsor and want to host workshops for new and experienced devs, check out the scheduling doc.

Workshops from before Nov 2017 are archived here.

Talk with each other ⚡️

Every community needs a reliable way to communicate. To make it easier, we have a few ways for everyone to speak with each other. Organizers can be reached through all current channels.

Current: 1 day max response time. Slack and Twitter is real-time on workshop days

Phased out

Want to mentor or help organize? 💛

If you are interested in mentoring, please make a Pull Request to add yourself to this list. We also ask you to read over Event Mentor Best Practices on what it's like being a mentor prior to signing up!

If you've come to a few NodeSchool events, we encourage you to mentor! 🎉

Code of Conduct