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NodeSchool Zagreb

Node School Zagreb

NodeSchool is open source workshops for you to learn web software skills:

Do the workshoppers on your own or in person at the next NodeSchool event. Experienced helpful mentors will help you through challenges.

Done with the workshops? Start a project or join a team - develop your skills.


Check out the NodeSchoolZagreb website and RSVP to the next event.

Mentor or help out

Become a better teacher or simply contribute back to open source. You know the drill.

Take it up a notch!

  1. Star the repo ⭐
  2. Report bugs or improvements in issues, we appreciate all sorts of feedback!
  3. Upload your photo to (see the gh-pages branch)
  4. Complete a core workshopper on your own before the next event
  5. Join a team, see the list of active projects
  6. Start your own project!

Inclusive and respectful

Please observe the code of conduct while attending NodeSchool.