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NodeSource N|Solid on AWS

Amazon Web Services (AWS) offers reliable, scalable, and inexpensive cloud computing services. Deploy your N|Solid instances to AWS for cloud access to the only Node.js platform built for mission-critical applications.

License Key

If you don't already have a license key, please visit the NodeSource website to start your trial service.

Getting Started with N|Solid on AWS

Easily run N|Solid in AWS using our CloudFormation templates. You can find a list of templates and their descriptions in the

Follow these steps to use the CloudFormation templates in nsolid-aws:

  1. Find the template you want to run in the /templates folder, then click the Deploy to AWS button.

  2. This will open up CloudFormation in your own account. Click the Next button.

  3. Fill in the required parameters and change the Stack Name if desired. Then click the Next button.

  4. Adjust any CloudFormation options if desired. Click Next.

  5. If the template requires IAM capabilities, you will need to check the "I acknowledge that AWS CloudFormation might create IAM resources with custom names." box. Once you are ready, click the Create button.

Launch Stack CloudFormation

N|Solid AMI List for AWS

You can also use our N|Solid AMIs for your own projects. See for a full list of AMI IDs in every region.