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User list issues #34

microp11 opened this Issue · 0 comments

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  1. The user list displays the "mode" attributes (+i, @...) if they are by default returned by irc-js.

  2. Subsequest irc mode requests are neither considered nor attached to the user in the current list.

  3. If a message is received from a user that is already in the list and has a mode attribute, what happens? how do we correctly associate the message with the displayed name, the nick for the message does not have "modes". The obvious way is to not care :) or to search/match the nick from the message to the existing list and prepend the missing "attributes".

  4. If the user list is too big (and what is too big) but if it is say the user list from #ubuntu, do we kkeep the entire list opened in the browser? Or we store it and display it only as much is needed for the screen?

  5. The algorithm for colouring the list is very slow. Are all those iteration needed? Plus the extra js file for the array indexOf()?

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