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Add multiple tab completion #40

microp11 opened this Issue Apr 1, 2012 · 0 comments

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microp11 commented Apr 1, 2012

[12:50] also multi tab completion
[12:50] e.g
[12:50] I type:
[12:50] alejandromg, microp11, person3, person4
[12:50] the plugin should complete to all of then ;)
[12:50] oh
[12:51] this is nice
[12:51] never thought of that
[12:51] I think that the modification is quite simple
[12:51] and array with words
[12:51] so multiple pattern matching :)
[12:51] and choose the last index to autocomplete
[12:51] then join again the array
[12:51] and print the result
[12:53] so you would type: al, mi and then press tab, and the first result should be alejandromg, microp11?
[12:53] not exactly
[12:53] in order
[12:53] e.g
[12:53] My msg will be "alejandromg, microp11 say hi"
[12:53] so I write
[12:53] al
[12:53] msg: alejandro
[12:53] then ", mic"
[12:54] msg: alejandromg, microp11, then
[12:54] "say hi"
[12:54] so the msg will be "alejandromg,microp11, say hi" :P
[12:54] oh, got it
[12:55] oh, it is just a matter of matching the last fragment of string from space
[12:55] exactly
[12:55] :)
[12:55] shall we do it? :)
[12:55] we shall :)
[12:56] ok, will create an issue and do it

@alejandro alejandro closed this Apr 1, 2012
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