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Removed dependency on irc-js. #46

merged 13 commits into from Apr 18, 2012

2 participants


The new dependency map for

nodester info list npm packages for app: ircbeta
nodester ├─┬ express@2.5.8
nodester │ ├─┬ connect@1.8.6
nodester │ │ └── formidable@1.0.9
nodester │ ├── mime@1.2.4
nodester │ ├── mkdirp@0.3.0
nodester │ └── qs@0.4.2
nodester └─┬
nodester ├── policyfile@0.0.4
nodester ├── redis@0.6.7
nodester └─┬
nodester ├─┬ active-x-obfuscator@0.0.1
nodester │ └── zeparser@0.0.5
nodester ├── uglify-js@1.2.5
nodester ├─┬ ws@0.4.13
nodester │ ├── commander@0.5.2
nodester │ └── options@0.0.3
nodester └── xmlhttprequest@1.2.2

Paul Maxan added some commits Apr 15, 2012
Paul Maxan Removed dependency to irc-js.
Redesign code to make nodester server a proxy for a webclient irc client.
Some cleanup.

Signed-off-by: Paul Maxan <>
Paul Maxan Added some granularity to commands.
Completed the emulator to support former irc implementation.

Add the stats, add the user colouring, fix reconnect logic.

Signed-off-by: Paul Maxan <>
Paul Maxan Change for the test app
Signed-off-by: Paul Maxan <>
Paul Maxan Fixed reconnect after a failed connect. 7aacf5a
Paul Maxan Created prerequisites for handling statistics and webusers (colouring).
The challenge was to add application specific functionality while keeping the proxies neutral.

Signed-off-by: Paul Maxan <>
Paul Maxan Finished adding the statistics. 0636e7d
Paul Maxan Added code to handle webuser colouring.
Minor cleanup and cosmetics.

Signed-off-by: Paul Maxan <>
Paul Maxan Set the port to ccff582
Paul Maxan Made it more IE friendly. Still way to go here.
The new parser code has issues with IE browser.
Paul Maxan commit for ircbeta only 2d47e47
Paul Maxan Replaced the link to jQuery with a minimified static file. fdb691c
Paul Maxan Changes for update to main nodester irc. d96db37
Paul Maxan Cosmetics. 5f21c0c
@chrismatthieu chrismatthieu merged commit b22d5cd into nodester:master Apr 18, 2012

merged and deployed :)


The very next thing is the dropping problem.
There is something that drops all the connections from nodester server, all at the same time.
Due to former/current implementation, the webclient does not try to reestablish connectivity, more than that it forces the proxy to irc server part down as well.
This will be fun to fix.

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