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request = require 'request'
querystring = require 'querystring'
fs = require 'fs'
encode = encodeURIComponent
class Nodester
constructor: (@username, @password, @basehost, @secure) ->
@basehost ?= ''
@protocol = if @secure then 'https://' else 'http://'
@baseurl = "#{@protocol}#{encode(username)}:#{encode(@password)}@#{basehost}/"
request: (method, path, body, cb) ->
req =
uri: @baseurl + encodeURI(path)
method: method
body: querystring.stringify(body)
'Content-Type': 'application/x-www-form-urlencoded'
proxy: process.env.http_proxy
console.log req if process.env.debug?
request req, handleResponse cb
get: (path, cb) -> @request "GET", path, null, cb
post: (path, body, cb) -> @request "POST", path, body, cb
put: (path, body, cb) -> @request "PUT", path, body, cb
del: (path, body, cb) -> @request "DELETE", path, body, cb
status: (cb) -> @get "status", cb
coupon_request: (email, cb) -> @post "coupon", {email: email}, cb
user_delete = (user, cb) -> @del "user/#{user}", cb
user_create: (user, pass, email, rsakey, coupon, cb) ->
rsadata = fs.readFileSync rsakey
return cb message: "No RSA key found in #{ rsakey }" unless rsadata
return cb message: "Invalid SSH key file." unless rsadata.length > 40
postData =
user: user
password: pass
email: email
coupon: coupon
rsakey: rsadata
@post "user", postData, cb
user_sendtoken: (some_user, cb) -> @post "reset_password", {user: some_user}, cb
user_setpass: (token, a_password, cb) -> @put "reset_password/#{ token }", {password: a_password}, cb
user_setkey: (rsakey, cb) -> @put "user", rsakey: rsakey, cb
apps_list: (cb) -> @get "apps", cb
app_create: (name, start, cb) -> @post "apps", {appname: name, start: start}, cb
app_running: (name, running, cb) -> @put "apps/#{name}", {running: running}, cb
app_edit: (name, file, cb) -> @put "apps/#{name}", {start: file}, cb
app_start: (name, cb) -> @app_running name, "true", cb
app_restart: (name, cb) -> @app_running name, "restart", cb
app_stop: (name, cb) -> @app_running name, "false", cb
app_delete: (name, cb) -> @del "apps/#{name}", cb
app_gitreset: (name, cb) -> @del "gitreset/#{name}", cb
app_info: (name, cb) -> @get "app/#{name}", cb
app_logs: (name, cb) -> @get "applogs/#{name}", cb
appnpm_handler: (name, pack, action, cb) -> @post "appnpm", {appname: name, package: pack, action: action}, cb
appnpm_install: (name, pack, cb) -> @appnpm_handler name, pack, "install", cb
appnpm_list: (name, cb) -> @appnpm_handler name, "", "list", cb # TODO: Test
appnpm_update: (name, pack, cb) -> @appnpm_handler name, pack, "update", cb
appnpm_uninstall: (name, pack, cb) -> @appnpm_handler name, pack, "uninstall", cb
appdomain_add: (name, domain, cb) -> @post "appdomains", {appname: name, domain: domain}, cb
appdomain_delete: (name, domain, cb) -> @del "appdomains", {appname: name, domain: domain}, cb
appdomains: (cb) -> @get "appdomains", cb
env_set: (name, key, value, cb) -> @put "env", {appname: name, key: key, value: value}, cb
env_delete: (name, key, cb) -> @del "env/#{escape(name)}/#{escape(key)}", cb
env_get: (name, cb) -> @get "env/#{escape(name)}", cb
handleResponse = (cb) ->
return (err, res, body) =>
errCode = res.statusCode if res? and res.statusCode > 400
if body?
success = JSON.parse body
catch e
errCause = "JSON Parse error!"
if errCode then errCause = "HTTP Error #{ errCode } returned."
if success?.message? and success?.status? and not /^success/.exec success.status then errCause = success.message
errCause ?= "No response received." unless body
if errCause
error = {}
error.code = errCode
error.message = "Fatal Error! API Response: #{ body }\nReason: #{ errCause }"
cb? error, success, {response: body, errorCode: errCode}
module.exports.nodester = Nodester