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Graceful outcome for app init on existing repo #30

martypdx opened this Issue Sep 8, 2011 · 5 comments

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martypdx commented Sep 8, 2011

Creating a nodester app for existing repo then running nodester app init clobbers existing server.js and does other damage, and then pushes those changes to github as well.

Looking for a kinder, gentler app init.

contra commented Sep 8, 2011

I'll write an app recreate/reinit commands that don't touch the server and clone from it instead, yeah?

martypdx commented Sep 9, 2011

I think ideal would be to have app init just work, and only add what is necessary. I don't know what the total body of work is, but just look at what I have now in the directory, I would say that it should not have added server.js since it already existed.

Since git repo already existed, it should have just added nodester as a repo (which it did) and added .nodester.appconfig. It shouldn't do a push to origin (which in this case was on github). I created another test app "from scratch" and noticed it added the nodester repo as origin, so maybe that's why?

Anyway, I think the end goal is that people are going to have existing repo's and doing an app init should be safe and should only add the pieces necessry.

contra commented Sep 9, 2011

Ah I see what you're getting at now, I misunderstood you before. Still very doable, will only require a few minor changes for each command to check if the file exists and prompt for an overwrite. Thanks for elaborating

martypdx commented Sep 9, 2011

Yeah, just had a chance to look at app.js and init method seems like changes would be straight-forward.

(btw - nice work getting the security stuff and cli stuff squared up. it works like a champ, and I'm working under Cygwin on Windows!)

contra commented Dec 15, 2011

Can you confirm this is still an issue? A lot has been updated

@alejandro alejandro closed this Jul 7, 2012
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