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No output when NODE_ENV is 'development' #52

scan opened this Issue · 2 comments

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scan Alejandro Morales Chris Matthieu

In my .profile, I have set NODE_ENV to development so I can test in exactly that condition. The result is that the nodester command never gives me any output. It just looks like this:

$> nodester

And that's it. When I set NODE_ENV to empty, it works fine again.

If that is expected behaviour, please state so in the docs.

Alejandro Morales alejandro referenced this issue from a commit in alejandro/nodester-cli
Alejandro Morales alejandro Fix to NODE_ENV #52 24bcb02
Alejandro Morales

Yeah probably because of this, mostly because we set the flag to "production" in userland (, so we can run tests without killing the test server.

I fixed it in my fork, you can install it with:

´npm install -g`

:@chrismatthieu should I make a PR?


Chris Matthieu

yes, please :)

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