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Did you know that path.{exists,existsSync} was moved to fs.{exists,existsSync}, and that tty.setRawMode(mode) was moved to tty.ReadStream#setRawMode() (i.e. process.stdin.setRawMode()) in node v0.8.0? Read more @API changes between v0.6 and v0.8

I automatically made some changes I think will help you migrate your codebase to node v0.8.0, please review these changes and merge them if you feel they are useful, If they are not you can ignore this Pull Request.

For backwards compatibility please use something like fs.existsSync || (fs.existsSync = path.existsSync);, fs.exists || (fs.exists = path.exists);, and tty.setRawMode || (tty.setRawMode = process.stdin.setRawMode); respectively.

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@alejandro alejandro added a commit that closed this pull request Jul 7, 2012
@alejandro alejandro Fix #49: Backaward compatibility
path#existsSync already solved.  tty#setRawMode -> stdin#setRawMode
Thanks @blakmatrix.
@alejandro alejandro closed this in 1a79226 Jul 7, 2012
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