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fs = require 'fs'
{existsSync, normalize} = require 'path'
isValidKey = (key) ->
[type, key] = key.split ' '
return false unless type? and key? and (type is 'ssh-rsa' or type is 'ssh-dss')
decoded = new Buffer(key, 'base64').toString('ascii')
return false if decoded.indexOf('ssh-rsa') is -1 and decoded.indexOf('ssh-dss') is -1
return true
filter = (path) ->
lines = String(fs.readFileSync(path)).split '\n'
out = []
for line in lines
[command, path, type, key, email] = line.split ' '
if command? and path? and type? and key? and email?
if isValidKey("#{type} #{key}") and out.indexOf(line) is -1
[nothing, base, git, username] = path.split '/'
username = username.split('",')[0]
userPath = "/#{base}/#{git}/#{username}/"
if existsSync normalize userPath
out.push line
console.log "Invalid directory '#{userPath}'"
console.log "Valid: #{out.length} Invalid: #{lines.length-out.length}"
return out.join '\n'
keyFile = '/node/git/.ssh/authorized_keys'
newFile = filter keyFile
fs.writeFileSync keyFile, newFile