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fix proxy start

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1 parent 8bd8775 commit 1765c286dd19902075047cb6c0fdafe981716ff8 Contra committed Aug 21, 2011
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4 bin/
@@ -34,6 +34,6 @@ if [ -f $FHOME/logs/forever.log ]; then
ulimit -n 99999;
-forever start -l logs/forever.log -o $FHOME/logs/proxy-out.log -e $FHOME/logs/proxy-err.log -d $APPDIR -p $FHOME proxy.js
+forever start -l logs/forever.log -o $FHOME/logs/proxy-out.log -e $FHOME/logs/proxy-err.log -d $APPDIR -p $FHOME $APPDIR/proxy/proxy.js
-forever list -p $FHOME proxy.js
+forever list -p $FHOME $APPDIR/proxy/proxy.js

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