Can't recover username and password #397

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I'm pretty sure I know my username, but I can't seem to find a way to recover my lost password


You can always run:

$ nodester user setpass sendtoken 

So we can send you an email with a reset token.

Try that and let me know.



this requires that a user already be registered locally. I lost my previous nodester-linked vm and I don't seem to be able to create a local user without a passsword.

It's also possible that I lost my account, (I have been inactive for a while) but I can't find a way to check (although nodester app info does fail giving "Invalid username or password")


Try to use the latest version of our cli->

[sudo] npm install -g

I think I've fixed it.


Attempted to execute nodester user setpass sendtoken

received error message:

"require.paths is removed. Used node_modules folders , or the NODE_PATH environment variable instead"

reported at module.js:386:11


Hmmm we are not using require.paths anywhere. Can you please check if you are running the latest version?

It should be 1.1.0. (npm install -g nodester-cli@1.1.0)


EDIT: solved using REST API.

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