Changed API in accordance with #320. #324

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The old routes are still there, just deprecated.

Changed the API docs as well; the Apigee explorer will have to be updated separately.

Also see: nodester/nodester-api#11


Awesome! Your updates look great. Does this update need to be rolled out at the same time as the -cli and -api updates?


This'll need to be rolled out before the -cli and -api updates. The latter two should continue to connect until they're updated, via the deprecated routes. Best if they're rolled out at around the same time, though.

-api will need a version bump and a resubmission to NPM; -cli will need the same, and a dependency version bump up to the new -api version. Other than that, there shouldn't be any changes needed to the -cli, at least for the #320 stuff. The other -api and -cli pull requests I have add in env accessors.


Nice! I will try to get these merged and deployed along with the updated npm modules this evening! Thanks!

@nodester nodester merged commit 9b9c3ac into nodester:master Mar 1, 2012

deployed and initial tests look good - nice job!

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