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Jason Sweeney Alejandro Morales
Jason Sweeney

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Alejandro Morales

Crypto frameworks, like who?

Alejandro Morales

Personally i think that adding native support for geddy is way out of our scope. I'm able to run a simple geddy app though. I create a demo app with geddy -> I just added the package.json and the runner (server.js) ->

With this scripts:

Tell me if that works for you.

Hack the planet

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Aug 04, 2012
Jason Update README 42b2c38
Jason Update README:Todos 436b10e
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@@ -50,6 +50,7 @@ We are always looking for areas to improve Nodester! Here are a few of the big
50 50 * Write an install.js script and npm installer module
51 51 * Ability to start app with additional instances (dynos)
52 52 * Horizontal scaling
  53 +* Add Support for Crypto frameworks
53 54
54 55 Feel free to suggest improvements at
55 56

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