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Open Source Node.JS Hosting PaaS, CLI and RESTful API

Nodester is a free and open source Node.JS hosting platform and service for managing multi-tenant hosted NodeJS apps. It consists of an RESTful API that allows developers to create and manage NodeJS apps online as well as a command line interface to simply steps instead of using cURL. NodeJS apps names are assigned as subdomains that proxy to ports with an assigned addresses. Git is used to push updates to Nodester and instances (dynos) are launched using post-receive hooks so that they run until you stop them.


  • Give our platform a spin at nodester.com
  • Watch our video on how-to build and deploy a Node.JS application to Nodester in only 39 seconds!

Request a free hosting coupon today

  curl -X POST -d "email=you@gmail.com" http://nodester.com/coupon

Installing the Nodester CLI

  npm install nodester-cli -g

Installing Nodester on Amazon EC2, Rackspace, GoGrid, or your own datacenter services

Please read the wiki for setup instructions


We are always looking for areas to improve Nodester! Here are a few of the big ideas on our list

  • Setup public AMI running Nodester
  • Write an install.js script and npm installer module
  • Ability to start app with additional instances (dynos)
  • Horizontal scaling

Feel free to suggest improvements at https://github.com/nodester/nodester/issues

Core Team Members

If this project inspires you, please feel free to help out by forking this project and sending us pull requests! \m/ http://github.com/nodester

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