App Environment

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During app startup the following occurs:

  • App Chroot is built using minimal os + node + npm
  • Your app git clone is under /app/ and you can write to /app/ or __dirname for any scripts living in the root of your git branch.
  • You node modules are therefore installed into /app/node_modules.
  • If you have set environment vars they will be set to process.env[X]..
  • Also process.env['app_port'] is set to the port your app should listen on. eg. app.listen(process.env['app_port']);
  • node /app/server.js


  • If your main script dies with a non 0 exit code it will be restarted max 5 times in a row.
  • Logs are buffered (max 1k lines per stdout, stderr) and made available via a unix socket even after >5 restarts.