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#ColdFusion Koans Project

The ColdFusion Koans are a set of unit tests that the user must make pass by filling in values. To get started open the file AboutAsserts/AboutAsserts.cfc and begin making the tests pass.

Its important that you use the mxunit that is packaged with this project. It will run the unit tests in order! Its also important to ensure your function names are written in headless camel case e.g. listValueCount() !!

As you complete a section you'll confirm your tests by refreshing this page or running the test suite using the mxunit eclipse plugin.

This is a community run project to please feel free to fork this project and contribute any time. See the Suggested topics for ideas if you need one or feel free to add your own

##ColdFusion 10 Topics

When adding topics that are reliant to ColdFusion 10 there are two steps you must take.

####1. Make sure the topic cfc has the MinimumVersionDecorator defined in the component declaration

* @mxunit:decorators mxunit.framework.decorators.OrderedTestDecorator, mxunit.framework.decorators.MinimumVersionDecorator
component extends="Koans.BaseKoan"{

####2. Make sure your tests that rely on ColdFusion10 have the minVersion 10 annotation on them

* @order 1
* @minVersion 10
public void function testWhatIsAClosure(){

##Suggestions for committing

Be sure to read about line endings if you aren't sure how they can affect your pull requests!

  • We need beginner lessons too, don't hesitate to add a new test for a cftag or something simple!
  • Try not to duplicate any current lessons.
  • Be creative!
  • Add comments that explain the concept for your test.
  • Make sure you can make your test pass, then delete the correct answer before you submit.
  • If you need to create a new CFC for your test, put it in the components folder.
  • If there is a link to more information on a topic feel free to shorten it and include it

##Suggested topics

  • About UnitTesting - Advanced
    • Mocking
    • Stubbing
    • Inject Properties
    • Make Public
  • AboutOOP
    • Inheritence
    • Encapsulation
    • Scope
  • ColdFusion 10 features (be sure to add the suites inside the conditional if(version > 10) statement in index.html)


Michael Seid @mbseid

Steven Neiland @sneiland

Craig Kaminsky @craigkaminsky

Mike Henke @mikehenke

Niall O'Doherty @nodoherty

Miles Rausch @awayken

John Whish @aliaspooryorik

Brian Swartzfager @bcswartz


Robert Glover @snarfblat for helping me troubleshoot issues.

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