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Professional SDK for ESP8285/ESP8266 WiFi SoC
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Noduino SDK

Build Status

This is a Professional SDK developed by MaiKe Labs for ESP8266/ESP8285 WiFi SoC

This project brings support for ESP8266/ESP8285 chip to the professional embeded environment. It lets you write sketches using C language quickly, and run them directly on ESP8266, no external microcontroller required.

It has a lot of cool examples and reference sketches. You can make a smart IoT devices quickly based on these sketches.

It's based on Espressif SDK

Supported Boards

Falcon V1.0

Noduino Falcon V1.0

Falcon V2.4

Noduino Falcon V2.4

Noduino Falcon V2.4

Noduino Falcon V2.4

DDD V1.0

Noduino DDD V1.0

Quick Start

  • Noduino Falcon board / NodeMCU v1.0 board
  • Git
# clone the whole sdk
$ git clone --recursive git:// noduino-sdk

# generate the toolchain (you need Python 2.7)
$ cd noduino-sdk/toolchain
$ ./

# try the first example
$ cd ../example/noduino/blink

# upload the example to dev board through serial
$ make flash

You can try other cool examples in example directory

Sketch Design


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