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Nadia Odunayo

I am a software engineer and product manager based in London. Currently, I am the CTO of CodeNewbie.

Web development

Key Skills & Practices

  • Ruby
  • Rails
  • Deployment to Heroku and Cloud Foundry
  • Test Driven Development (RSpec and Capybara)
  • Behaviour Driven Development (Cucumber)
  • Pair programming
  • Product Management
  • Agile values, principles and practices
  • Object-oriented principles and design
  • Non-violent communication

Software Development Career History


April 2018 - Present

  • Chief Technology Officer
  • Leading development of new features and maintaining CodeNewbie software
  • Leading research and development initiatives for new product offerings

Ignition Works

August 2015 - April 2018

  • Co-Founder and Director
  • We did a mix of in-house product development and cloud software consultancy for enterprise
  • Worked as an engineer and product manager across a range of projects
  • Spent a year as the product manager for a Cloud Foundry installation at a large bank

Pivotal Labs

January 2014 - July 2015

  • Working as a Software Engineer and Agile Consultant in Pivotal Labs' London office
  • Worked on the Cloud Foundry Data Services team for over a year

Makers Academy

September-December 2013

  • 12-week bootcamp
  • Full-stack web development
  • Focus on Agile practices, especially TDD and pair programming
  • Spent a further two weeks there in January acting as a teaching assistant

Code First: Girls

July-August 2013

  • 8-week part-time course, 4 hours a week
  • Full-stack web development
  • Introductions to HTML, CSS, Ruby, Sinatra, Rails, MongoDB, git and GitHub




Playing Games In The Clouds at:


The Guest: A Guide To Code Hospitality at:


Ruby Book Club LIVE at:

  • London Ruby User Group

This Code Sucks — A Story About Nonviolent Communication at:


The Case Of The Missing Method — A Ruby Mystery Story at:

Coming up: RubyConf Malaysia, RubyConf, RubyConf Australia, and TraversalConf

Conference Committees



Other roles

Other information