A node.js compatible framework running on the JVM.
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This project is no longer being actively maintained. If you have interest in taking over the project, please file an issue.

What is Nodyn

Nodyn is a node.js compatible framework on the JVM.

Run node.js applications on the JVM and access to all that the Java world has to provide - directly from Javascript. You've got the entire Java ecosystem at your disposal. Nodyn supports NPM module loading and a large portion of the current node.js API.


Nodyn doesn't yet have an initial release. Until then, to use it, you will need to build from source or download a CI SNAPSHOT from Sonatype. Download the latest zip file from Sonatype. It will contain a ./bin/node binary. You can use the binary to start an application from a Javascript file, or use the REPL to experiment with small snippets of code on the command line. The ./bin/node binary behaves nearly identically to the native node binary.


Nodyn can be embedded into existing Java programs and execute scripts like so:

public class EmbedExample {

    private static final String SCRIPT = "" +
            "var main = require('./project/main.js');" +

    public void runMain(String... args) throws InterruptedException {
        // Use DynJS runtime
        RuntimeFactory factory = RuntimeFactory.init(

        // Set config to run main.js
        NodynConfig config = new NodynConfig( new String[] { "-e", SCRIPT } );

        // Create a new Nodyn and run it
        Nodyn nodyn = factory.newRuntime(config);
        nodyn.setExitHandler( new NoOpExitHandler() );
        try {
            int exitCode = nodyn.run();
            if (exitCode != 0) {
                throw new TestFailureException();
        } catch (Throwable t) {
            throw new TestFailureException( t );

Building Nodyn

To build nodyn from source, first check out the repo. Since nodyn uses node.js sources for the javascript layer, you will also need to run git submodule init and git submodule update the first time you build.

$ git clone https://github.com/nodyn/nodyn.git
$ cd nodyn
$ git submodule init
$ git submodule update
$ mvn install -s support/settings.xml