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modified: .gitignore

to NOT exclude config/initializers/send_file_options.rb

modified:   Gemfile
add mysql gem version

modified:   Gemfile.lock
new file:   config/initializers/send_file_options.rb
added with 'apache' option
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commit e7a99d1bd1b1206b4b96437131d7ae05b7b15cdc 1 parent 2c0a535
@noel authored
1  .gitignore
@@ -11,7 +11,6 @@ config/google_map_api.yml
2  Gemfile
@@ -19,7 +19,7 @@ gem "tiny_mce_plugin_imageselector"
gem "gmaps4rails"
gem "passenger"
-gem "mysql"
+gem "mysql", "2.8.1"
gem "rmagick", "2.12.2", :require => false
gem "mini_exiftool"
2  Gemfile.lock
@@ -84,7 +84,7 @@ DEPENDENCIES
- mysql
+ mysql (= 2.8.1)
85 config/initializers/send_file_options.rb
@@ -0,0 +1,85 @@
+= Private file send_file method =
+Kete can store and retrieve private files, which are kept in a separate folder called 'private'
+under the application root directly (i.e. /home/user/apps/your_app/private).
+When using Nginx and Mongrel or Apache and mod_rails/Passenger to serve a Kete instance, significant
+performance improvements can be made by using special proxy-specific headers to send privately
+stored files to the browser.
+These headers are X-Accel-Redirect for Nginx, and X-SENDFILE for Apache.
+In order to support these headers, the following steps must be made:
+1. Prepare your proxy server to use the appropriate send_file header.
+ (See specific instructions below.)
+ 1.1 Nginx
+ a) Open your Nginx configuration file or vhost file (normally nginx.conf) and add the
+ following declaration to your 'server' configuration blocks.
+ location /private/ {
+ root /home/user/apps/kete/; # Be sure to replace this with the actual location of
+ # your Kete instance. The trailing slash is imporant.
+ internal;
+ }
+ b) Restart your Nginx server. If it fails to restart, check your error logs/console for
+ any syntax errors in the configuration files.
+ NB: Without the declaration above, the X-Accel-Redirect header will not function correctly.
+ 1.2 Apache
+ a) See for mod_xsendfile installation and configuration.
+ NB: mod_xsendfile and Apache2's X-SendFile header are not current tested with this setting,
+ proceed with caution. Report any issues to
+2. Change the Ruby constant below to one of the following settings:
+ * "" (empty string): use Ruby on Rails's native send_file method, streaming the file directly
+ from your web server (e.g. Mongrel cluster, etc). This works out-of-the-box.
+ * "nginx": send Nginx's X-Accel-Redirect header instead of streaming the file, causing
+ Nginx to send the file directly without using a mongrel instance to stream
+ files. This requires Nginx to be configured correctly as per step 1.1 above
+ to work successfully.
+ * "apache": send Apache2 + mod_xsendfile's X-SENDFILE header instead of streaming the file,
+ causing Apache2 to stream the file directly. This requires Apache2 and
+ mod_xsendfile to be installed and configured correctly. This is currently
+ untested.
+3. Restart your Kete instance. This will require either stopping and starting Mongrel clusters, or
+ restarting your Apache2 instance depending on your server environment.
+4. Test your Kete instance by uploading and downloading a private file. The log should display what
+ method is being used to send the file to the browser. (Streaming file.. is the default.)
+* As the Apache2 + mod_xsendfile method is untested, any feedback or further instructions are appreciated.
+ Please report any issues to
+* The safest option (and also the slowest) is to use Ruby on Rails's native send_file method. Set the ruby
+ constant below to an empty string (i.e. SENDFILE_METHOD = "") to use this.
+# Select which send_file method to use to send private files to a browser from a Kete instance.
+# Valid values are "", "nginx", or "apache".
+# (Do not edit below here.)
+unless ["", "apache", "nginx"].member?(SENDFILE_METHOD)
+ print "/!\\ WARNING: Incorrect value for SENDFILE_METHOD in config/initializers/send_file_options.rb on line 77. Should be one of \"\", \"apache\", or \"nginx\"; but was \"#{SENDFILE_METHOD}\". /!\\\n"
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