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Briefing Template

These are our four starter templates. All you need is a basic understanding of HTML and CSS to customise the general layout of the briefing templates. For more information on the template markup, visit Cerberus from Ted Goas. Particular to these templates, each contain links for active users to view their current briefing subscription. View our briefing variable handles at our API Reference.


Digest (No Table of Contents) Template

This template will display items normally but each item will show only up to 250 characters under the item's content title. This template does not contain the table of contents.


Full Text Template

This template will display everything the full text of the items content. This template contains a clickable table of contents.

Original Source Template

This template has the same format as the Digest Template, however it links out to the original source address of the item, as oppose to linking back into Attensa.


Briefing is Ready Template

This template is a good way to notify people their curated content is ready for them. The template is simple and does not include any topic content, just a link to the topic itself in Attensa. The template previews what topic sources has new items since it was last sent.