This repo contains things that I like or find useful
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Noel's grab bag of Azure CLI goodies

This repo contains things that I like or find useful, offered up with absolutely zero guarantee that it will work for anyone else

How to Use


Azure Active Directory

  • az ad app list-mine: List only the applications you own
  • az ad sp create-for-ralph: Create a service principal and store the password in Key Vault (thread)
  • az ad sp credential list --keyvault: List a service principal's credentials. Retreive password values from Key Vault
  • az ad sp list-mine: List only the service principals you own. Optionally filter by expiration

Azure Functions

  • az functionapp keys list: List the host keys for an Azure Function App
  • az functionapp function keys list: List the keys for a specific Azure Function

Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS)

  • az aks grant-access: Quickly allow your AKS cluster to access Azure Container Registry or other Azure resources

Log Analytics

  • az loganalytics workspace create
  • az loganalytics workspace delete
  • az loganalytics workspace show
  • az loganalytics workspace update
  • az loganalytics workspace keys list

Self-Destruct Mode

Set an expiration time when creating a resource or resource group, and it will automatically be deleted when the time's up.

az self-destruct configure
az group create -n myRG -l eastus --self-destruct 1h
  • az * create --self-destruct: Global argument that enables automatic deletion. You can specify self-destruct dates like 1d, 6h, 2h30m, 30m, etc
  • az self-destruct arm: Enable automatic deletion on a resource that already exists
  • az self-destruct configure: One-time configuration
  • az self-destruct disarm: Disable automatic deletion for a resource
  • az self-destruct list: List items that are scheduled for deletion

Virtual Machines

  • az vm auto-shutdown enable
  • az vm auto-shutdown disable
  • az vm auto-shutdown show


Use the scripts/ script

source scripts/

or, do it the long way with your directories

export AZURE_EXTENSION_DIR=~/.azure/devcliextensions
pip install --upgrade --target ~/.azure/devcliextensions/noelbundick ~/code/noelbundick/azure-cli-extension-noelbundick/src/noelbundick