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Hackbright Project (Fall 2016): LitBits
Python HTML JavaScript CSS
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Table of Contents

Tech Stack

Frontend: HTML5, Jinja2, Javascript, jQuery, Bootstrap
Backend: Python, Flask, PostgreSQL, SQLAlchemy
APIs: Feedbooks, Goodreads, rauth, bcrypt, xmltodict, requests, unittests, Travis CI


LitBits gives you access to public domain books. It allows you to search for your favorite classics by title, author or genre, as well as download e-books to your mobile device. With a LitBits account you can also rate books and get book recommendations tailored just for you.

LitBits Features


  • Add ability for users to create a 'collection' of books
  • Allow users to view others' book collections
  • Allow users to log in using their Facebook or GoodReads credentials
  • Allow users to read the book in the browser, without downloading it.
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