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Code Card Terminal

To make it easier to connect to your Code Card, we created a custom Terminal App. This app is built with Electron so it is cross-platform.

The Code Card has a serial-usb chip. We use serial communication to configure the Code Card wifi and button settings.


We have pre-compiled version for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

If your machine is not recognizing the Code Card, you might need to install the CH340 USB-Serial drivers.


You can also use any terminal emulator app such as PuTTY (Windows), CoolTerm (Mac), or screen (Mac and Linux.)

The USB-Serial port will have different names depending on your OS:

  • Windows: COM[X]
  • Mac: /dev/tty.wchusbserial[XXXX]
  • Linux: /dev/ttyUSB[X]
  1. Connect to the device with the emulator for your OS (baud rate = 115200)
  2. Once connected, you'll need to reset the device by flipping the power switch off then on again
  3. Type help in the emulator to bring up a list of commands

To change to wifi profile


Keep in mind that pausing for 2 seconds while typing will automatically enter the command. It may be easier to pre-type the commands elsewhere and copy-paste them into the window.

Manual Installation

First download or clone (git clone https://github.com/noelportugal/codecard.git) this repository.

You must have NodeJs installed. We recommend using nvm to manage different versions.

cd terminal
npm install
npm run start

Follow OS build specific instructions here.

  • For Windows you must install using the following flags: npm install --global --production windows-build-tools


If you want to compile the Electron app use electron-packager. Make sure you are in the terminal directory.

npm install electron-packager -g
electron-packager . codecard-terminal