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Front-end foundation for WordPress projects

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Front-end foundation for WordPress projects including a page template to view all your styles on one go.


1) Adding it to your theme

Add this repository to your theme by submoduling it in.

git submodule add


This provides a base foundation for styling, including normalize, mixins, etc. Can be included at the top of your master LESS stylesheets:

@import 'prometheus/prometheus.less' 

3) Tools

To pull in wp-less and wpthumb, you can include this line near the top of your functions.php

require_once( 'prometheus/prometheus.php' );

Other Information

View your Theme Styles

To see the majority of selectors and DOM elements on a single page (instead of having to create dummy content every time), you can select the following page template:

Theme Styles

To view an example, check out the very simple theme styles


I don't like default resizing or timthumb, so I use WPThumb in my themes, like this:

$newimageurl = wpthumb( $imageurl, 'width=200&height=200&crop=1', false );

Full list of parameters and defaults:

$arg_defaults = array(
        'width'                 => 0,
        'height'                => 0,
        'crop'                  => false,
        'crop_from_position'    => 'center,center',
        'resize'                => true,
        'watermark_options'     => array(),
        'cache'                 => true,
        'default'               => null,
        'jpeg_quality'          => 80,
        'resize_animations'     => true,
        'return'                => 'url',
        'background_fill'       => null


Includes various polyfill's/fixes for older browsers.

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