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A theme for WordPress Meetup Groups
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wp-meetup readme

2012 is the Year of the WordPress Meetup. This theme was created for the WordPress Meetup group in Zurich, but can be used anywhere else with minor option tweaks.


This is a single-page theme, so you'll want to set your homepage to the page template Home (page-home.php), and then edit the following code block to get you started (top of functions.php, uncomment it):

update_option( 'meetup_apikey', '' ); // Your Meetup API Key, i.e. 70144d1d5ea9566d4563
update_option( 'meetup_group', '' ); // Your Group URL , i.e. WordPress-Zurich
update_option( 'meetup_question_url', '' ); // the ID for the Recent Works URL Question, i.e. 1637322
update_option( 'meetup_question_img', '' ); // the ID for the Recent Works Image URL Question, i.e.  1637332
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