Unifying Church and State
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Church Encodings

Code demonstrating a reactive stream implementation with and without Church encoded representation.


  • baseline: the baseline non-Church encoded implementation that contains a flaw
  • termination: the baseline implementation with the flaw fixed
  • partial: partially Church encoded and partially transformed to continuation passing style (CPS)
  • church: fully Church encoded and CPSed

Benchmark Results: [info] Benchmark Mode Cnt Score Error Units [info] church.StreamBenchmark.zipAndAdd avgt 200 517.525 ± 3.252 ms/op [info] partial.StreamBenchmark.zipAndAdd avgt 200 387.252 ± 2.165 ms/op [info] termination.StreamBenchmark.zipAndAdd avgt 200 532.190 ± 2.724 ms/op