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A recipe app project built with NodeJS and Mongo, with a React front-end.
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A recipe manager/lifestyle/cooking utility app built with NodeJS and Mongo


Omnivorous is an in-development app that will, someday:

  • collect, store, and organize your recipes.
  • help you plan and build your weekly shopping list.
  • let you share what you are cooking and see what your friends are cooking.

I began working on this app because I wanted to find a recipe manager app that "just works," and was dismayed that the above features have not (to my judgment) been successfully implemented to that standard by other apps presently on market.

In my wildest dreams, Omnivorous might some day also:

  • automatically import recipes from anywhere on the web (⬅️ the relatively easy part), and convert them into structured data (⬅️ the hard part)
  • crowd source shopping: see where (and when) other users have found hard-to-find ingredients in your area (or online)
  • connect you with your local Farmer's Market, CSA, Sustainable Agriculture: find and learn about local produce offerings and help you cook with your local seasons

Project Status

In the interest of full transparency, this is a pet project pursued primarily for the sake of learning to code. If we wind up with a working app at the end of it, so much the better.

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