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add a footer to each page of a gitbook, allows l10n
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This gitbook plugin allows adding a custom footer to each page on the website output. Requires gitbook >=2.6.7 (should also run on 2.5.x, not tested).

The footer content is read from a markdown file in each (language) books' content directory (by default, so translated content for multi-language is possible.

Custom styles may be applied on the css selector .localized-footer.

I wrote these ~40 lines, as other footer-plugins were removed or insufficient for my needs. Hoping footers will become functionality of the gitbook core.


  1. add the plugin to your book.json, and optionally configure it. default values as example:

      "gitbook": "3.2.2",
      "plugins": ["localized-footer"],
      "localized-footer": {
        "hline": true,            // whether to include an horizontal line above the footer
        "filename": "./" // may also be a relative path to the book root
  2. run gitbook install

  3. fill the footer file(s)

    *content published under [CC-BY-SA 4.0](*



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