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Commits on Jul 13, 2012
@essen essen Add an Hello World example b8a25b1
Commits on Jul 14, 2012
@essen essen Add a simple Static File Server example 86f9f48
Commits on Jul 21, 2012
@essen essen REST: Fix charset matching 95ed134
@essen essen REST: Normalize content types accepted
Same as content types provided, we accept the <<"application/json">> form.
Commits on Jul 22, 2012
@essen essen Add support for Expect: 100-continue
This makes uploading files with curl a lot faster than without.
@essen essen Add a GET echo example 370b3d9
@essen essen Add a POST echo example 73c0737
@essen essen Add a Chunked Hello World example 6ea32d6
@essen essen Add a REST Hello World example f212caf
@essen essen Look for parsed headers in the cache before trying to parse adc3639
@essen essen Remove an useless todo bab6290
Commits on Jul 23, 2012
Josh Marchán Don't save parsed value in the Host header f3c5881
@essen essen Improve typespecs 76d6ed8
Commits on Jul 31, 2012
@seven1240 seven1240 Fix stream_body when used by multipart 2645044
Commits on Aug 08, 2012
@essen essen Update version to 0.6.1 af07e04
Commits on Aug 09, 2012
@essen essen Update AUTHORS file 50e5a61
Commits on Aug 27, 2012
@essen essen Switch to Ranch for connection handling
This is the first of many API incompatible changes.

You have been warned.
@essen essen Have only one -export and -export_type per line
This should make easier spotting additions and removals in commits.
@essen essen Change a websocket error from {error, protocol} to {error, badframe}
For improved consistency.
@essen essen Update behaviours for R15B+
This effectively drops the R14B compatibility.

The cowboy_req:req() type will be introduced in a future commit.
It refers to the #http_req{} record.
@essen essen Rename cowboy_http_protocol to cowboy_protocol 9e2622b
@essen essen Rename cowboy_http_req to cowboy_req d3dcaf1
@essen essen Rename cowboy_http_rest to cowboy_rest 6d84afd
@essen essen Rename cowboy_http_static to cowboy_static f39c001
@essen essen Rename cowboy_http_websocket to cowboy_websocket 0e3adf1
@essen essen Introduce a cowboy_req:req/0 type
Cleanup the typespecs of the cowboy_req module following this.
Commits on Sep 10, 2012
@essen essen Replace cowboy_req:host/1 with cowboy_req:raw_host/1
The latter is much more useful than the former, which ends up
being removed.
@essen essen Replace cowboy_req:path/1 with cowboy_req:raw_path/1
The latter is much more useful than the former, which ends up
being removed.
Commits on Sep 14, 2012
@essen essen Separate multipart from body_state 4040a9f
@essen essen Change type #http_req{} to cowboy_req:req()
This removes cowboy_static's dependency on http.hrl.
Commits on Sep 15, 2012
@essen essen Remove two unneeded Req modifications 9b5cbb5
@essen essen Add a cowboy_req:to_list/1 function
Removes a lot of duplicate code when printing error messages.
@essen essen Put socket and transport into cowboy_websocket's #state{}
As part of the work to make cowboy_req:req() opaque.
@essen essen Avoid a duplicate HTTP reply in cowboy_websocket:upgrade_error/1
Do this by checking whether we received the resp_sent message.
@essen essen Add cowboy_req:url/1 to return the full request URL
Use it in cowboy_websocket for hixie76, replacing http by ws.
@essen essen Remove duplicate code for ensure_response 0aaa717
@essen essen Use skip_body directly between requests
There's no need for more complex logic now that we have
the API for it.
@essen essen Introduce cowboy_req:set_meta/3 to set request metadata 9ef94fb
@essen essen Put the method in cowboy_rest's #state{} 736bcd4
@essen essen Introduce cowboy_req:host_url/1 to remove more duplicate code 527477b
Commits on Sep 16, 2012
@essen essen Add cowboy_req:delete_resp_header/2
Both requested and better for making Req opaque.
Commits on Sep 17, 2012
@essen essen Improve consistency of return types for cowboy_req API
The signature of parse_header, body_qs, multipart_data and
the set_resp_* functions has changed.

See the cowboy_req module edoc for more details.
@essen essen Add a function to lock request responses instead of inlining
Just more cleanup in order to have req() opaque.
@essen essen Remove http.hrl dependency in cowboy_rest
Only cowboy_protocol remaining now.
@essen essen Use cowboy_req:version/1 in cowboy_protocol where applicable
More cleanup towards making cowboy_req:req() opaque.
@essen essen Add a private cowboy_req function to create a Req object
Private means you must not used it. It's meant for internal use.
@essen essen Add the private function set_host/4 used by cowboy_protocol 350d4ae
@essen essen Add the private set_connection/2 function used by cowboy_protocol 905083a
@essen essen Add the private add_header/3 function used by cowboy_protocol fc02b7f
@essen essen Add the private set_buffer/2 function used by cowboy_protocol 5b56dd7
@essen essen Add the private set_bindings/4 function used by cowboy_protocol c1dd5b5
@essen essen Add the private get_resp_state/1 function used by cowboy_protocol e55ec7d
@essen essen Add the private get_buffer/1 function used by cowboy_protocol cf0e905
@essen essen Add the private get_connection/1 function used by cowboy_protocol
This removes cowboy_protocol's dependency on http.hrl!
@essen essen Make cowboy_req:req() opaque
Remove http.hrl in the process.

If you feel furious about this change after reaching this commit,
don't worry! You probably just need a few access or modification
functions to be added in cowboy_req for your needs. Problem is,
I don't know these. I'll be very thankful if you can open a ticket
and tell me all about it so the best solution can be swiftly
implemented to make you happy again.
@essen essen Include the eunit file only if TEST is defined 13b743b
@essen essen Rename cowboy_req:raw_qs/1 to cowboy_req:qs/1 18be3a8
@essen essen Replace many proplists:get_value/{2,3} calls by BIFs
Originally suggested by Roberto Ostinelli.
@essen essen Add types for onrequest and onresponse funs c2be7c1
@essen essen Update CHANGELOG f6791b0
Commits on Sep 21, 2012
@essen essen Don't use decode_packet/3 for parsing the request-line
First step in making all methods and header names binaries to
get rid of many inconsistencies caused by decode_packet/3.

Methods are all binary now. Note that since they are case
sensitive, the usual methods become <<"GET">>, <<"POST">> and so on.
@essen essen Don't use decode_packet/3 for parsing the headers
Header names are now binaries. Since header names are case insensitive
they are all converted to lowercase. For example: <<"content-length">>.

The max_line_length option was removed. Three new options have been
added instead:

 *  max_request_line_length (defaults to 4096)
 *  max_header_name_length (defaults to 64)
 *  max_header_value_length (defaults to 4096)
@essen essen Make multipart part headers binary lowercase
Here we do not remove decode_packet yet, we just lowercase the
header name and transform it into a binary if needed, to fix
the consistency issue.
@essen essen Update CHANGELOG 981ea35
Commits on Sep 30, 2012
@RJ RJ add websockets example a74fbd7
@RJ RJ implement x-webkit-deflate-frame for websockets 675a648