📺 Play media from your computer on a Raspberry Pi.
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Play media from your computer on a Raspberry Pi hooked up to a TV.

Some people have a raspberry pi (or other small ARM computer) plugged into a TV or big screen of some kind. It can be useful to play videos or youtube videos on it sometimes. picast is a command line tool for sending local media or youtube urls to the pi's screen.


Raspberry Pi

$ npm install --global picast

$ picast --serve

Make sure omxplayer is installed.

Laptop, Desktop, Phone (via Termux)

On the same local network as the Pi, run

$ npm install --global picast

$ picast media.mp4

It will find the Pi and instruct it to stream the media from the local machine.

You can control the omxplayer instance from stdin in this terminal.


  picast --serve

    Run a picast server. Prints its IP address and port to stdout.

  picast [-h HOST] FILE

    Play a local file on the pi. Optionally specify the IP address. Defaults to otherwise.

  picast [-h HOST] URL

    Play the video at URL. This uses the external program youtube-dl to try and
    find and play any embedded video on the website. Requires youtube-dl be
    installed on the pi.

Youtube videos

If you replace media.mp4 above with a YouTube URL (or anything youtube-dl can play), it will stream it on the pi. Requires youtube-dl be installed on the pi.