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FIREWISE is a short 2D action game with one small mechanic removed: the ability to stop moving.

Play as Boofhead, the guy who accidentally set himself on fire while camping. Boofhead is on a quest to get to the nearest body of water as fast as possible.

GMTK Game Jam

This game was built for the 2018 48 hour GMTK Game Jam. All code and assets excluding those listed in the credits where constructed during the timeframe.

Our submission features Adventure without Stopping - the character must move at all times - Releasing a movement key has little effect on whether the character stops. Instead, Boofhead will continue in the direction he was sent until he hits a wall, causing damage.

This fundamental shift spread to all parts of the game mechanics during development, with health tied to movement speed directly, so that players taking advantage of momentum and "flow" can survive the level with a higher score and therefore "health".

This is our team's first game jam, and first game in general. We assembled on the day and built something that we're pretty proud of, combining programming, art and music design skills. There is a fairly large amount of content unreleased that we believe could be developed further.

How To Play

Move around using the W,S,A,D keys. Water coolers will replenish your health, and hitting bushes or obstacles will hurt.
Keep an eye on this meter (your health) lest you burn up: 


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A game where you try to not be on fire. Built for GMTK 2018 48hr game jam. Migrated from Godot to Unity mid jam






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