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NoFlo Base Runtime

Base implementation of FBP protocol for NoFlo. Used by libraries implementing different transports, like noflo-runtime-websocket and noflo-runtime-postmessage.


  • 0.12.0 (November 25th 2020)

    • Added support for the Trace sub-protocol
    • Removed the local pseudo-Flowtrace implementation in favor of the proper Flowtrace library
    • Switched to the new NoFlo 1.3 network options scheme
  • 0.11.10 (November 19th 2020)

    • Fixed handling of changegroup commands
  • 0.11.9 (November 16th 2020)

    • Compatibility improvements with the fbp-protocol test suite
  • 0.11.7 (November 16th 2020)

    • Compatibility with the TypeScript version of fbp-graph
  • 0.11.6 (November 11th 2020)

    • Fixed sending of object payloads via network:data message
    • Fixed library name incompatibility with fbp-protocol
  • 0.11.5 (September 25th 2020)

    • fbp-spec graphs (fixture.xx) are now special-cased so that they don't get registered as components
    • Fixed issue with namespacing graph components
  • 0.11.4 (September 23rd 2020)

    • Component sub-protocol now also emits component tests at setSource
  • 0.11.3 (September 23rd 2020)

    • The NoFlo runtime now handles graph names in a more consistent manner. When graphs/networks are instantiated by the runtime, they are always namespaced
  • 0.11.2 (September 18th 2020)

    • The runtime now emits a ready or error after construction dependending on main graph initialization result
  • 0.11.1 (September 4th 2020)

    • The runtime instantiates networks now for all graphs in the current project in addition to the "main" graph
  • 0.11.0 (September 1st 2020)

    • NoFlo Networks are now instantiated for all graphs, meaning that graph operations fail more gracefully and networks start faster
    • Ported from CoffeeScript to ES6
  • 0.10.5 (February 23rd 2019)

    • Added runtime.component lifecycle event updated when component sources are modified via the protocol. Can be used to persist changes
    • Added runtime.graph lifecycle event updated when a graph is modified via the protocol. Can be used to persist changes
  • 0.10.4 (December 1st 2018)

    • Typo fix for registering a main graph
  • 0.10.3 (December 1st 2018)

    • Made the defaultGraph option use the project's actual namespace and graph name instead of hardcoded default/main
  • 0.10.2 (March 30th 2018)

    • Ensured that network:begingroup and network:endgroup include the required group property
  • 0.10.1 (March 29th 2018)

    • Made runtime:ports signal compatible with the FBP Protocol schema
    • Added responses to renameinport and renameoutport requests
  • 0.10.0 (March 22nd 2018)

    • Added support for FBP Protocol 0.7
    • Changed the component:component message to conform with the FBP protocol schema
    • Ensured all graph protocol messages get a response
    • Added support for the network:control, network:status, and network:data capabilities
    • Added runtime:packetsent response to runtime:packet requests
    • Added error responses for unsupported subprotocols and commands
    • Improved error handling when trying to receive packets from unavailable exported outports
  • 0.9.3 (February 19th 2018)

    • Improved error handling when starting a new network


Base library for building NoFlo runtimes



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