Base library for building NoFlo runtimes
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NoFlo Base Runtime Build Status Coverage Status

Base implementation of FBP protocol for NoFlo. Used by libraries implementing different transports, like noflo-runtime-websocket and noflo-runtime-postmessage.


  • 0.10.2 (March 30th 2018)

    • Ensured that network:begingroup and network:endgroup include the required group property
  • 0.10.1 (March 29th 2018)

    • Made runtime:ports signal compatible with the FBP Protocol schema
    • Added responses to renameinport and renameoutport requests
  • 0.10.0 (March 22nd 2018)

    • Added support for FBP Protocol 0.7
    • Changed the component:component message to conform with the FBP protocol schema
    • Ensured all graph protocol messages get a response
    • Added support for the network:control, network:status, and network:data capabilities
    • Added runtime:packetsent response to runtime:packet requests
    • Added error responses for unsupported subprotocols and commands
    • Improved error handling when trying to receive packets from unavailable exported outports
  • 0.9.3 (February 19th 2018)

    • Improved error handling when starting a new network