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{exec} = require 'child_process'
fs = require 'fs'
{series} = require 'async'
sh = (command) -> (k) ->
console.log "Executing #{command}"
exec command, (err, sout, serr) ->
console.log err if err
console.log sout if sout
console.log serr if serr
do k
buildFile = (parentPath, dir, file) ->
exec "coffee -o #{parentPath}/#{dir} -c #{parentPath}/src/#{dir}/#{file}", (err, stdout, stderr) ->
console.log stderr if stderr
buildDir = (path) ->
console.log "Compiling CoffeeScript from 'src/#{path}' to '#{path}"
fs.readdir "#{__dirname}/src/#{path}", (err, files) ->
return console.log err if err
files.forEach (file) ->
fs.stat "#{__dirname}/src/#{path}/#{file}", (err, stats) ->
return buildFile __dirname, path, file if file.indexOf(".coffee") isnt -1
return unless stats.isDirectory()
buildDir "#{path}/#{file}"
task 'build', 'transpile CoffeeScript sources to JavaScript', ->
buildDir "lib"
buildDir "components"
buildDir "bin"
task 'test', 'run the unit tests', ->
sh('npm test') ->
task 'doc', 'generate documentation for *.coffee files', ->
sh('./node_modules/docco-husky/bin/generate src') ->
task 'docpub', 'publish documentation into GitHub pages', ->
series [
(sh "./node_modules/docco-husky/bin/generate src")
(sh "mv docs docs_tmp")
(sh "git checkout gh-pages")
(sh "cp -R docs_tmp/* docs/")
(sh "git add docs/*")
(sh "git commit -m 'Documentation update'")
(sh "git checkout master")
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