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noflo = require "noflo"
util = require "util"
class Output extends noflo.Component
description: "This component receives input on a single inport, and sends the data items directly to console.log"
constructor: ->
@options =
showHidden: false
depth: 2
colors: false
@inPorts =
in: new noflo.ArrayPort
options: new noflo.Port
@outPorts =
out: new noflo.Port "data", (data) =>
@log data
@outPorts.out.send data if @outPorts.out.isAttached()
@inPorts.options.on "data", (data) =>
@setOptions data
setOptions: (options) ->
throw new Error "Options is not an object" unless typeof options is "object"
for own key, value of options
@options[key] = value
log: (data) ->
console.log util.inspect data,
@options.showHidden, @options.depth, @options.colors
exports.getComponent = ->
new Output()
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